First implementation of the new NATO standard: Rohde & Schwarz awarded order from Royal Danish Navy for BRASS EO

The Danish Navy is relying on Rohde & Schwarz to implement NATO's Broadcast and Ship Shore 
Enhancement One (BRASS EO) architecture for state-of-the-art HF communications. The technology 
group has been contracted to provide a comprehensive single-source solution that includes the 
communications system and a comprehensive service package. Life cycle costs were also a key 
part of the evaluation process. 

Munich, December 11, 2018 — Rohde & Schwarz has signed a procurement and maintenance contract 
with the Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) of the Danish Ministry of Defense 
for the implementation of NATO BRASS EO. The Danish Navy is the first user to implement the new 
NATO target architecture BRASS Enhancement One Target Architecture (BRE1TA) for HF communications 
within the fleet. In addition to procurement and installation of the system solution for twelve 
ships and three shore stations, the contract includes 15 years of maintenance, service and support. 

Michael Tarp Hansen, Project Manager BRASS EO at DALO: "We are pleased to continue our cooperation 
with Rohde & Schwarz as a reliable partner for our navy's shortwave communications system. Having 
used the radios for many years, we were already confident in the technology. Now Rohde & Schwarz 
has offered us an attractive overall solution for the complicated system integration that fulfills 
Danish as well as NATO requirements for strategic HF communications." 

Holger Brandt, Vice President Market Segment Navy at Rohde & Schwarz: "We are proud to be the first 
supplier on the market to implement the new standard together with the Royal Dutch Navy. We not only 
contribute our technological excellence and solution competence as a system integrator, we also 
assist and support our customers over the long term during the utilization phase." 

BRE1TA offers simplified routing, resulting in faster transmission of military information between 
coastal stations and seagoing units in accordance with STANAG 4406; and IP services can be provided 
over shortwave links in accordance with STANAG 5066. Backward compatibility with NATO BRASS Initial 
Core Capability (ICC) and NATO legacy systems ensures interoperability with other branches of the 
armed forces and NATO units. 

For robust and autonomous long-range communications (beyond line of sight), Rohde & Schwarz is 
equipping twelve ships, two coastal stations and a training facility. The turnkey solution includes 
the message processing, remote supervisory and control, and communication infrastructure and switching 
subsystems. The system is based on the R&S M3SR Series4100 HF radios with new interfaces for wideband 
applications, the R&S MMHS message handling system, and other key components of the integrated 
R&S NAVICS communications system. Cybersecurity solutions conforming with the latest NATO information 
assurance standard are integrated into the IT infrastructure. The Rohde & Schwarz radio equipment also 
provides the basis for wideband HF applications (HF wideband) and higher data throughput on 
radiocommunications lines. 

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