Terms and conditions of use

To register as an active user of the DMKNs, you must agree to these terms and conditions of use. Users are asked to do this during the registration process. The user states that he/she is over 18 at the time of registration and will not use the DMKNs as a consumer as defined by law. The user confirms that all the data provided by him/her during the registration process is correct and complete. No pseudonyms or invented names may be used during the registration process. The user is obliged to immediately inform DMKN GmbH of any changes to the data provided during the registration process. Each user may only register once and create a single user profile. The user is obliged to keep his/her password secret. The operator-user relationship may be duly terminated by either party; an e-mail to info@dmkn.de is acceptable. A two-week period of notice shall apply on the part of DMKN GmbH.

The discussion atmosphere in discussion forums, chats and blogs should be objective and polite. Objective criticism is always welcome, but not comments which could reasonably be interpreted as insulting or defamatory towards other people. The user guarantees that his/her posts shall not violate applicable law or third-party rights, in particular intangible property rights, the right to privacy, or data protection, competition and criminal laws.

DMKN GmbH is entitled to delete or block a user’s posts and comments at any time at its own discretion or to ban the respective user from using the DMKNs – either in full or in part, permanently or temporarily – if the user violates these terms and conditions of use. This shall apply in particular if he/she violates the rules of conduct and guarantees in section 3 or the obligation to tell the truth in section 2. As regards the blocking and/or deletion of content, this shall apply particularly to content which does not meet the DMKNs’ quality standards. DMKN GmbH has no fundamental obligation to check content.

Every user exempts DMKN GmbH from all third-party claims, damages and costs (including appropriate prosecution expenses) arising in connection with the infringement of intangible property rights, data protection and competition laws, the violation of a guarantee or the behaviour of a user, including any associated with content-related errors in the information provided.

DMKN GmbH shall accept no responsibility for a user’s actual identity. Each user must convince himself/herself of another user’s identity. Furthermore, DMKN GmbH shall accept no liability for the correctness of the content of posts. With the DMKNs, DMKN GmbH only enables its users to access expertise, for example via posts and other content supplied by its users and providers. DMKN GmbH itself does not provide any legal advice or assistance with tax matters as part of the DMKNs.

DMKN GmbH reserves the right to update these terms and conditions of use and adjust them to shifting user behaviour or changes in the legal situation. The amended provisions shall be sent to registered users of the DMKNs by e-mail two weeks before they come into force. If a DMKN user does not object to the amendment within two weeks of the e-mail being sent, the amended terms and conditions shall be considered approved. If a user objects to the amended terms and conditions of use, DMKN GmbH shall be entitled to terminate the operator-user relationship with immediate effect.