There is no doubt that the internet is a strategic marketing tool.

Whether you can use it as such is up to you. The internet allows you to address your target groups very cost-effectively and with a speed, directness and sustainability that no other medium can offer. Ideally, interest in your topics, solutions, products and experts should give you relevant readers, good objective search engine rankings, plenty of traffic to your websites and, ultimately, contact to potential clients and business partners. However, this is not easy to achieve. If it were, all market players would be equally successful experts.

That is why the DMKN supports you with a unique approach which:

  • is optimised in line with your targets and budgetary limitations,
  • conserves your internal resources by means of full service,
  • reflects the quality of your market positioning online in the best possible way,
  • makes skilled use of existing PR and marketing materials,
  • generates new content for you online in a simple, targeted way,
  • reports the results to you transparently and
  • is geared towards a long-term relationship with you as a satisfied partner.

For all these reasons, you can also underline and extend your status as a leading expert online by becoming a founding partner, which offers you the chance to cover new topics at unbeatable prices.

Expertise in the form of content, experts, networks, etc. really does translate into hard cash!

We call it next-level expertise marketing.

We are happy to provide details of the options, models and prices.

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