Data protection declaration

1. Principles of data protection at DMKN GmbH

Treating the personal data of everyone who uses the DMKN and its partner sites and DMKN – hereinafter jointly referred to as the DMKNs – sensitively and responsibly is a priority for DMKN GmbH. This data protection declaration provides information about how DMKN GmbH ensures that all personal data is protected and kept secure. This declaration can be viewed any time at

2. Personal data

2.1 Minimum requirements during registration

As a social expertise-sharing network, the DMKNs are based on the principle that each user provides other users with relevant information about himself/herself and his/her competencies. It is crucial for a minimum amount of such information to be available to others and for this information to be correct as this enables users to enter into dialogue and share their expertise. Social expertise-sharing networks like the DMKNs cannot function without this. When you register as a user, the only compulsory details you will be asked for are your first name, surname, e-mail address, user name and password. You are asked for a user name and password so that you can log in to the DMKNs at any time and use the services they provide. If you want to change your status, for example to become a member, you may be required to submit additional data, such as a photo and a CV.

2.2 Additional details

Additional details enable other users of the DMKNs to decide whether you are a suitable expert partner for their projects. These details could include your areas of expertise, academic title, CV, photo, business address, date of birth, what you are offering other users of the DMKNs and what you would like from other users. All the details you enter in your profile on the DMKNs are visible to anyone who visits our website.

2.3 Ratings and recommendations

As ratings and recommendations by other community members form a key part of social networks, you can also use these tools to present yourself and your expertise.

3. Intended use

DMKN GmbH compiles, saves and uses data for the purpose of maintaining and personalising the social expertise-sharing network which is made available to users of the DMKNs. This is primarily achieved by means of communication, the provision of services to you, and other steps to implement the operator-user relationship. If data is requested for other purposes or other parties, e.g. content publishers, DMKN GmbH will explicitly inform you of this and ask for your express consent.

4. Confidentiality of personal data

DMKN GmbH does not forward personal data about users of the DMKNs to third parties, unless the user has given his/her express consent beforehand or the company is required by law to pass on such data. If the user gives his/her consent, he/she can rescind this at any time with future effect by amending his/her user profile. You can view the content of the relevant consent via your profile.

5. Producing usage profiles

Users and partners of the DMKNs benefit from the personalisation of our online services. This means we need to analyse and assess users’ interests and usage data, among other things. Personalising an expertise-sharing network also means providing user-relevant information about commercial products and services/advertising, because staying informed about quality business offerings is another part of targeted cooperation and collaboration between network partners.

DMKN GmbH is entitled to produce usage profiles under pseudonyms for the purpose of personalising the websites, market research and advertising. Under no circumstances will usage data of this kind be combined with users’ personal data. Each user can opt out of this form of data usage at any time. To opt out, send an e-mail to qs@DMKN or send written notification by another means with the heading ‘Opting out of usage profile’.

6. Own advertising

DMKN GmbH is entitled to utilise users’ e-mail addresses to advertise its own goods or services which are similar to the existing offering on the DMKNs. However, you can opt out of your data being used for this purpose at any time. To opt out, please send us written notification for documentation purposes (e-mail to qs@DMKN, fax or letter).

7. Cookies

Cookies are small text files which are stored either temporarily in the computer’s main memory (session cookies) or permanently on the user’s hard disk (permanent cookies). Session cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. Setting cookies assigns anonymous user IDs to users. However, users are not identified. The cookies set by the DMKNs can only be read by the DMKNs. Setting cookies does not run programs on the user’s computer or transfer computer viruses.

The DMKNs use cookies to authenticate the user when he/she logs in, to ensure smooth operation and to improve the services offered by DMKN GmbH.

8. Server log files

Every time a page is viewed, access data is stored in a server log file. The set of data stored includes the following information for each occasion on which a website is accessed:

  • the IP address of the computer which accessed the site,
  • the time the site/file was accessed, the status, the volume of data transferred,
  • the website which acted as a referrer for the requested site and
  • product and version details of the browser (user agent) and the operating system that was used.

DMKN GmbH uses anonymised log files for statistical evaluations. This enables DMKN GmbH to find out things such as which services offered on the DMKNs are used to what extent when and what volume of data is generated by access to the DMKNs. The log files also help DMKN GmbH to identify potential errors, such as faulty links or program errors. They can therefore be used to assist in the further development of the DMKNs.

9. Data security (firewalls, anti-virus technologies, etc.)

The firewalls and other security systems used by DMKN GmbH are constantly updated. They are designed to protect users from viruses and unauthorised external access to DMKN GmbH to the greatest possible extent. DMKN GmbH undertakes to maintain an appropriate level of protection and to constantly adjust the security technologies it uses to the latest technical developments. Nevertheless, users should be aware of the fact that new viruses and other ways of accessing internet services’ secured data systems are always emerging and that it is therefore impossible to guarantee complete protection from cyber attacks. DMKN GmbH is not responsible for virus protection outside the network. Furthermore, DMKN GmbH is not liable for any data damage and destruction caused by unknown viruses. DMKN GmbH will prosecute every case of hacking and any similar attacks that it identifies under civil and criminal law.

10. Requesting information

Every user has the right to a free record of the personal data stored by DMKN GmbH about him/her. To request this information, please write to DMKN GmbH (letter, fax or e-mail to qs@DMKN A certified copy of an official, valid identity card or passport must be included with the request for information. The information will be sent to the address given on the user’s identity card or passport. Alternatively, at the user’s request, it can be sent by e-mail.

11. Amending and deleting data

Every registered user of the DMKNs has the right to request that his/her personal data be amended or deleted. Requests should be sent to DMKN GmbH by e-mail (to qs@DMKN, fax or letter. A certified copy of an official, valid identity card or passport must be included with the request. For it to be dealt with correctly, the request must contain at least the following information: surname, first name, address, user name and password.

Every user of the DMKNs can amend or delete his/her personal data himself/herself at any time using the log-in details received during the registration process (user name and password).

11.1 Amending data

When a user of the DMKNs amends the details in his/her profile and/or requests that they be amended, the old data is archived for documentation purposes and can no longer be used. The old data is no longer visible externally.

11.2 Deleting data

When a user of the DMKNs applies for his/her profile to be deleted or deletes it himself/herself, the profile is archived for documentation purposes if there are still discussion comments and/or expert posts by this user. The profile can no longer be used and is no longer visible on the website. If a user of the DMKNs applies for his/her profile to be deleted or deletes it himself/herself and there are no posts by him/her on the DMKNs, the profile is deleted in full.