About DMKN

Together with cooperation partners, the German Maritime Institute (Deutsches Maritimes Institut, DMI), the German Association of Navy Officers (Marine-Offizier-Vereinigung e.V., MOV) and the German Navy Officer Welfare Organisation (Marine-Offizier-Hilfe e.V., MOH) set up the German Network of Maritime Competence DMKN (Deutsches Maritimes Kompetenz Netz) as a means of promoting cooperation and communication in the maritime industry.

DMKN is extended by two centers of excellence: marine technology and maritime traffic economics:

The new partners , the Society for Maritime Technology ( GMT ) and the Institute of Maritime Traffic Economics and Logistics (ISL) are involved in DMKN to use their complementary skills and powerful networks to expand the Internet portal to a comprehensive maritime network.
DMKN’s goal is to strengthen the social and economic importance of the maritime industry through diversified networking.

More specifically, DMKN will:

  • promote communication and exchange between relevant industry representatives, the Navy, scientists and politicians.
  • initiate win-win situations for increased efficiency and economic stability in the maritime industry,
  • explain to the public and politicians about the importance of shipping, shipbuilding and the German Navy.

Point of Contact:

  • Ottmar Becher
    Phone: (+49) 22 25 / 70 42 69
    E-Mail: info@dmkn.de

Users of the DMKN can search for maritime issues, articles, press releases, studies, events, vendors and product offerings quickly and conveniently. In addition, the platforms are characterized by a high-quality range of communication functions. The communication functions foster networking, exchanges of information and sharing of knowledge, as well as the cooperation between high-profile competence from shipyards, shipping companies, suppliers, marine, research and policy.

The DMKN offers the following functions:

  • Pool of knowledge on maritime issues
  • Maritime experts directory
  • Marketplaces: provider directory, job market

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us via e-mail.


Vizeadmiral a. D., Präsident des Deutschen Maritimen Instituts (DMI)
Vizeadmiral a. D., Vorsitzender der Marine-Offizier-Vereinigung (MOV), Gesellschafter DMKN GmbH
Geschäftsführer DMKN GmbH