Anschütz Standard 22 NX Gyro Compass Launched


With the Standard 22 NX, Raytheon Anschütz introduces the world’s first gyro compass combining the proven sensor technology with the advantages of latest interface and networking standards.

Accuracy, reliability and robustness even in harsh conditions have already made the Standard 22 the most successful gyro compass in the market, sold far more than 20,000 times. Based on the proven sensor technology, Raytheon Anschütz has designed the new gyro compass Standard 22 NX. Olav Denker, Product Manager for gyro compasses at Raytheon Anschütz, explains: “With the Standard 22 NX, our customers can rely on accurate heading information for safe navigation as before, but the new interface capabilities will simplify and shorten system integration, installation and commissioning, thus contribute to overall cost efficiency and an even more positive cost-lifetime performance ratio.”

Raytheon Anschütz has started the series production of Standard 22 NX in January, with a delivery start planned from March on-wards. The Standard 22 NX and its gyrospheres will be available from stock for customers and distributors to ensure shortest delivery times anywhere in the world.

Diligent testing to ensure high quality and reliability

The quality of heading information is essential for safe navigation. In addition to the type approval tests, ten units from a pre-production series were used for a year-long test in the Raytheon Anschütz production facilities in Kiel, Germany. Other units been tested on a ferry in the Baltic Sea for twelve months. The results have shown high reliability and robustness under intensive use and most varied environmental conditions, enabling Standard 22 NX to enter into series production.

Interface flexibility as never before

Standard 22 NX provides far more flexibility in interfacing as other gyro compasses before.

Additional NMEA interfaces allow the connection of additional heading receivers, or a direct connection of the Bridge Alert Management (BAM). Furthermore, two Ethernet interfaces in compliance with the latest normative reference IEC61162-450 allow an easy and cost/time-effective integration into LAN-based systems. Standard 22 NX also enables the direct connection of rate-of-turn indicators to the compass system. This means that less separate hardware and less installation efforts are required compared to conventional systems with rate-of-turn requirements.

Easy configuration via webserver

Standard 22 NX integrates a webserver in order to simplify installation.

Interfaces are configured by selecting NMEA telegrams, baud- and update rates. The configuration of Standard 22 NX can be downloaded and uploaded easily. Actually, this new process reduces the configuration time of a Standard 22 NX system to a few minutes only. In particular in the field, when service time is money, this is a clear advantage over other compass systems in the market.

Perfect fit for any customer requirement

With its advanced interfacing capabilities, the new gyro compass perfectly integrates into the most varied system environments.

Standard 22 NX uses the same gyro compass accessories like Standard 22 before, such as heading distribution units, operator units, or repeater compasses. This means that a Standard 22 NX can be easily integrated into an existing Standard 22 system or replace old Standard 22 gyro compasses. Moreover, any combination out of Standard 22, Standard 22 NX and Standard 30 MF is possible. The integration is done easily by connecting Standard 22 NX to the redundant CAN-bus with just six wires. CAN-bus is a real time bus and allows a length up to 400 metres, while Ethernet only allows up to 80 metres. This makes the CAN-bus the optimal backbone for a gyro compass system.

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Raytheon Anschütz steht für eine traditionsreiche Marke – bekannt und bewährt in der maritimen Welt.

Über ein Jahrhundert lang hat sich Raytheon Anschütz zu einem verlässlichen Partner für Marinen, Reedereien und Werften entwickelt. Mehr als 35.000 Schiffe nutzen heute unsere Navigationssysteme – tagtäglich unterstützt von mehr als 540 Mitarbeitern am Firmensitz von Raytheon Anschütz in Kiel sowie von weltweiten Niederlassungen, Vertriebspartnern und über 200 zertifizierten Servicestellen entlang aller wichtigen Schifffahrtsrouten.


Unsere Kernkompetenzen sind die Entwicklung, Produktion, kundenspezifische Integration und der Service von kommerziellen Navigationssystemen. Zu unseren Produkten und Lösungen gehören:


• Kreiselkompasse und Inertiale Navigationsplattformen
• Autopiloten und Rudersteuerungssysteme
• Radar, Elektronische Seekarte (ECDIS) und Multifunktionssysteme
• Taktische Lagebild (C2) Systeme
• IMO-zertifizierte Integrierte Navigationssysteme
• Spezifische Ausrüstung für Marineschiffe und U-Boote


Unsere Kunden vertrauen auf unseren hohen Qualitätsstandard und auf die Leistung unserer Navigationssysteme, auf unsere Flexibilität in der Realisierung von kundenspezifischen Anforderungen sowie auf unsere professionelle und verbindliche Projektdurchführung.


Raytheon Anschütz bietet Kunden darüber hinaus eine Bandbreite an Leistungen – von kompetenter Beratung über persönliches Projektmanagement und qualifizierte Inbetriebnahme bis zu Serviceleistungen über die Lebensdauer unserer Produkte. Dazu gehören die weltweite Versorgung mit Ersatzteilen und Service genauso wie individuelle Wartungs- und Koordinationsverträge.


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Raytheon Anschütz has a long tradition and is well known in the maritime market.

In the past century, Raytheon Anschütz has proven to be a reliable partner for navies, shipping companies and shipbuilders worldwide. Today 35,000 high-sea vessels are underway using our navigation systems, supported by more than 540 employees at the Raytheon Anschütz headquarters in Kiel, Germany, as well as by worldwide subsidiaries, sales partners and more than 200 certified service stations.


Our core competences are the development, production, customized integration and service of commercial off-the-shelf navigation systems. The range of our products and solutions includes:


• Gyro Compasses and Inertial Platforms
• Autopilots and Steering Control Systems
• Radars, ECDIS and Multifunctional Workstations
• Command and Control (C2) Solutions
• IMO-certified Integrated Navigation Systems
• Specific Naval and Submarine Equipment


Our customers rely on the high levels of quality and performance of our navigation systems, on our flexibility with regard to individual adaptations, and on our professional and firm order processing.


For all deliveries of Raytheon Anschütz, a wide variety of services is offered, ranging from early customer consultancy and customized designs through project management and setting-to-work up to after sales services such as obsolescence management, logistic support, in-service support and worldwide maintenance contracts.


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