Siemens selects Cuxport as the service logistics specialist for its converter platforms in the North Sea

2015_03_16_PM_Cuxport_Vertrag_Siemens_bearMonday, 16 March 2015
Cuxport has signed an agreement with Siemens covering logistics operations for services for the following offshore converter platforms: BorWin 2, HelWin 1, HelWin 2 and SylWin 1. The long-term contract will come into effect in May this year.

The agreement covers the acceptance, storage and picking of a wide variety of goods, packing and unpacking containers, loading and unloading the vessels made available by Siemens, handling heavy-duty items and providing pick-up and final delivery runs. Platform suppliers will in future dock at Cuxhaven every month for this purpose and Cuxport will handle the clearance for these ships too. The goods passing through the port will include spare parts, consumables and provisions.

“We’ve already provided support for Siemens in the North Sea in the set-up phase for the converter platforms and used Cuxhaven as the base port for this. Both sides benefit from this cooperation,” says Michael de Reese, Managing Director of Cuxport …

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